What Helped Me Over My Breakup – SYBD Members’ Advice

What Helped Me Over It? What follows are some soyouvebeendumped.com members’ advice dating back to the early days of SYBD. These words are universal and timeless and just as relevant as they were back then as they are today. The idea here, going forward on this resurrected blog, is to provide relevant and helpful contentContinue reading “What Helped Me Over My Breakup – SYBD Members’ Advice”

Breakup and Makeup Go Hand in Hand

For 15 years, SYBD has been there for men and women all over the globe in the aftermath of a split. There are tips and articles and guests posts on all aspects of recovery. There are also breakup lines to add a bit of light into people’s dark days. Now it’s time to appeal to anyoneContinue reading “Breakup and Makeup Go Hand in Hand”

Inspiration for your Friday!

How are you today? Thought I’d share some inspiration for your Friday! I hope you like this inspirational quote…I did. There is no such thing as failure even in relationships that end! All experience shape and define us. They all teach us. Often the ones that teach us the most are the ones that hurtContinue reading “Inspiration for your Friday!”

BritDoc Feedback – the Panel’s Words on SYBD the Movie

Here are some edited comments about the SYBD film from the panelists at BRITDOC 2007. “When I first heard about it, I thought ‘great concept, great idea, great story’.” – STEFAN DEMETRIOU, EMI (Said when introducing me!) “It’s very low-fi. She actually got something really magical in these conversations that she’s having with these people.Continue reading “BritDoc Feedback – the Panel’s Words on SYBD the Movie”