About SYBD

Launched in 2000, SYBD is the longest-running site dedicated to showing you how to get over your ex, and move onSYBD was created as a space for men and women to read and share their experiences and challenges with other people going through the same experience. SYBD is not a place to “win” your ex back – rather it’s a place that encourages you to get yourself back. Sometimes that means people do get an ex back, but our focus is to help you to be the best you first.

I’m Thea Newcomb, SYBD’s founder, and I launched this site, in the aftermath of three consecutive breakups that took place over a 7-year period. A husbanda “soulmate”, and a would-be priest (yes, really!). Now I simply provide the space for people to see they’re not alone…

What People Say

From SYBD I learned the skill of getting over somebody. I consider it’s one of the surviving skills everybody should be equipped.

Linda, New York USA

I this site has taught me perspective — being able to take a step back from my own situation.  Seeing similarities and differences in people’s stories and taking in the advice one step removed

Lillyth, Pembroke USA

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.