Born Again? Celebrating 20 Years of So You’ve Been Dumped

Born Again - So You've Been Dumped Turns 20 years old this year 2020So You’ve Been Dumped is almost 20 years old (6 weeks away), and so I thought I’d write a quick post to share just how I plan to celebrate that massive milestone.

When I say “Born Again” I’m not talking in a religious sense of course, but more of a digital rebirth. All being well, SYBD’s anniversary will be marked with a new forum, a (small) book and perhaps a wee bit of fanfare too.

Two Decades? How’d That Happen?

It’s absolutely crazy to think so much time has elapsed since launching back in 2k – reeling from a succession of three of my own breakups no less.

Though for one reason or another, the site has very much has taken a “back seat” over the past few years, SYBD is still one of my proudest achievements in my entire life.

Often since its launch, I have wanted to “let it go” but something has always stopped me from doing that. It’s as if my mission is not yet complete.

The SYBD Forum to be Reborn

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of SYBD on July 4th, Independence Day, I hope to relaunch our very popular forum.

When I say “relaunch” – I mean it will be very similar to how it stood back July of 2000 or even how it ended at the end of in 2010.

So You've Been Dumped Forums - yesterday and today (in the making)

Setting up a forum is a bit beyond my capabilities, to be honest with you, so am currently trying to rope in support from a few lovely gentlemen.

If I can though I’d like to re-launch the forum this summer to celebrate the anniversary. It seems fitting to me somehow,…

The main area, just like before will have a FREE area, but there will also be a (paid for) membership area, for even more privacy in sharing stories and experiences.

So You've Been Dumped - Lessons Learned from SYBD

Lessons Learned from SYBD

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading through all of those posts from 2000, and pulling out some of the most universal experiences in order to put them in a small book of some the more striking statements and stories.

Over the years I’ve been able to sort of map out member’s recovery processes down to a T. I’ve seen things that site members clearly could not – because I was an objective bystander and they were ruled by emotions. I might say things that would hurt, annoy or even anger site members who didn’t believe what I’d suspect was going on, or with the suggestion of going “no contact” – only to have them return at a later date to say I was right…and that NC was required to move on from his or her ex.

Moderators At the Ready

Once we get going again, I’ll need to appoint trust moderators to oversee the forums both to help dumpees to feel less alone and to keep an eye out for any trolls, spam, links (I don’t allow URLs generally speaking, except on certain types of posts). I have very little time in my day-to-day life, way less than before, yet I still feel quite certain that relaunching the forum in 2020 is the right move. Time will tell.

What Would you Like to See?

For anyone who is going through a break up now, I’d love to hear what you feel would benefit you with this 2020 relaunch? How can I help? What support is not being met that might help you here and now?

Do let me know. I’ll try to keep an eye on the comments more than I have been since lock down (and before).

Before you go you may enjoy this video (in Canva) from the SYBD Youtube Channel. It’s real stories that were posted on the site back in the early 2000s and yet just as relevant today. Enjoy xo

PS: In Case you didn’t know, SYBD Media has several books, journals and planners on Amazon around the world. Check them out…(Especially the No Contact Diary!)

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