SYBD MEDIA’s 99 Funny Breakup Lines Journal – Out Now on Amazon!

99 Funny Breakup Lines from So You've Been

99 Funny Breakup Lines Journal

Finally after many years in the making and about 6 years creating journals for KDP I finally had a light bulb moment to compile some of the breakup lines that have been submitted to since I  launched it on the 4th July 2000

People truly say the darndest things when it comes to ending a relationship.

Breakup excuses often refer to their ex’s age, appearance, family, religion, or a simple lack of feelings toward the person.

The parting words in this breakup lines are classic, crazy and some are downright cringe-worthy. All of which have been submitted to SYBD over the years.

Many of these dumping lines you’ll recognize, as they are often cliches, or they’ve been pinched and used on other sites (some stole whole pages of our content).

Some of SYBD’s lines were even used on Apps without permission.

In any event, I have kept a note of each and every line sent into the site over the years.

Submit Your Breakup Line to So You've Been Dumped for future journals

Volume 2 (3, and 4…More)

Though it took years and years to make this simple little journal, it’s only taken days to compile volume two which is already in the final stages of completion.

It won’t be hard to make a third breakup lines book either.  Again, I have spreadsheets of them…

So it’s not too late, I would welcome your line if you’d like to submit it to the comments.

Grab Your Copy

Pick up SYBD Media’s first ever 99 Breakup Lines Journal on Amazon US here.Or grab it on Amazon UK here. (It’s also available on many other Amazon websites, simply search for the title).

If you’re trying to get over a breakup and practicing no contact that maybe one of SYBD’s NC Journal or Planners may be a better choice for you.

Thank you for stopping by. I’ll be sharing more helpful advice and tips on getting over a relationship breakup soon.

In the meantime see  Big and Little Tips to Do After a Breakup Here.

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