Celebrating Independence and 19 Years

SYBD Celebrates Independence & 19 Years

It’s the 4th of July and so I thought I’d hop on and very quickly say, “Hey, we are still here” after 19 years! Happy anniversary to us. Or maybe it should be “Happy Birthday” because SYBD has always felt like my “baby”. I birthed it, but it took on a life of its own over the years.

It’s 2019 and that means I’ve been running SYBD – in its various incarnations – a forum, then a blog – for a large chunk of my lifetime now.

It was launched after three consecutive breakups of my own – a husband, a rebound and a would-be-priest (A story for another day).

SYBD was launched deliberately on the 4th of July, out of personal, (arguably bitter at the time) experience. It was my way of “getting over” my breakup/s or turning pain into gain.

At the time, there were no other forums or sites for people to share their stories, their pain as well as their personal and emotional victories too.

I’ve Seen All Kinds of Breakups

In the last two decades, almost, I’ve seen just about every type of breakup. I’ve seen the most crazy breakups, ghostings/disappearances, betrayals, and revenge stories too. After a while, I’ll be honest with you, it all got to be too much negativity and heartbreak for me. I had to step back and away from the breakups before I had a breakdown.

Seeing people in so much pain, and at their lowest ebb, can take its toll on even the most positive of people.

Site members would heal and move on and I’d often never see them again – usually only getting to witness their agony – and seldom their glory and renewal.

It would be impossible to not have effected me, and my view of the human condition and relationships on the whole.


Is It Time for a New SYBD for 2020?

In spite of the pain I felt personally, and witnessed from the sidelines, SYBD remains one of proudest and most rewarding feats to date.

Deep down I have known that I never really wanted to fully let go of SYBD, but for my own sanity and health, I needed to back off to go forward on down the road.

Now enough time has passed, I have been feeling a spark of love for my “baby”. To that end, I am considering re-launch SYBD in time for its 20th anniversary next year.

I’d love to hear what you readers out there, who’ve been looking for breakup support and advice, would like to see on a website. Forums were big when we launched in 2000, but now not so much. Maybe they’ll make a comeback. I am not sure but I am all ears.

How can I help you heal from your heartbreak of a breakup or divorce? Please let me know.

Did you see we have our own SYBD No Contact Journals and Planners available on Amazons around the world?  You can read a bit more about them in my last post SYBD NC Journal. Thanks for stopping by. Thea xo

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