18 Years of Breakups…Closing Time?

18 years of breakups sybd18 Years of Breakups on SYBD

For nearly twenty years, So You’ve Been Dumped (SYBD) has been there for men and women all over the globe who are going through breakups. 18 years of stories. 18 years of comments. 18 years of funny break up lines.

Time have changed. The internet has changed. It’s enabled people to meet, get together, breakup all with a few swift finger-strokes – straight from the palm of your hand.

Technology has changed the way the site has existed. It was a forum in the early days. 10 years later the forum shut. It morphed into a blog where people came and read and commented and simply sought solace in the stories of others.

Where Does SYBD Go From Here?

The traffic on the main SYBD site (not here) was around 50,000 just a year ago. Now due to changes in Google and with secure socket layers we’re lucky to get 12,000. So it begs the question – where does SYBD go from here?

It’s been nearly 20 years since I myself got kicked to the curb (over a trans-Atlantic phone call) so it’s fair to say I am not that girl anymore. Haven’t really been through a significant breakup in that time.

Shall I Move SYBD Here?

It’s almost crazy to suggest moving from a self-hosted WordPress site to this one, but it’s the most hassle free solution I can see.  They handle all the security aspects and SSLs and I can slowly migrate the posts over to here and point the domain to this here place.

Or I could close it down altogether. That is the question.

I’ll continue to ponder it….

I get comments daily still from people saying that SYBD has helped them so it would be a shame to lock the doors completely but the fact is I don’t have the time or desire to continue to run it any longer. It’s 18.


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