Breakup and Makeup Go Hand in Hand

For 15 years, SYBD has been there for men and women all over the globe in the aftermath of a split. There are tips and articles and guests posts on all aspects of recovery. There are also breakup lines to add a bit of light into people’s dark days.

Now it’s time to appeal to anyone who was ever helped by SYBD to “pay it forward” by buying some Younique by Thea makeup.

So You’ve Been Dumped founder, Thea Newcomb is trying to get to Green Status level with her Younique business. If you were ever helped by SYBD either recently or any time over the last fifteen years, then now is the time to treat yourself to some makeup and help #gettheatogreen. You can order your 3D Fiber Lashes via Thea Newcomb (email thea at for more info about them) Click on the image below to take you to Younique by Thea now.

Order New3DFiberLashes+ from Younique by Thea Now!

Thank you for your support of SYBD for 15 years. Here’s a post about SYBD’s 15th birthday last week.

Published by SYBD Is So You've Been Dumped

This is the temporary home of So You've Been Dumped - the longest running website for people going through breakups and divorces. We've been helping the romantically-challenged since 2000. We'll be relaunching SYBD in its original home for the 20th anniversary in 2020. SYBD MEDIA now has no contact and breakup lines, diaries and tshirts mugs stickers and more. SYBD MEDIA.

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