BritDoc Feedback – the Panel’s Words on SYBD the Movie

Here are some edited comments about the SYBD film from the panelists at BRITDOC 2007.

“When I first heard about it, I thought ‘great concept, great idea, great story’.” – STEFAN DEMETRIOU, EMI (Said when introducing me!)

“It’s very low-fi. She actually got something really magical in these conversations that she’s having with these people. I was really impressed with the quality of material that came back. I’ve seen the longer footage.” – JESS SEARCH, BritDoc

“Well done on a first pitch and a first time film maker. It was extremely well done. Your personality comes through. You’ve got multiple different types of stories and it’s something everyone can relate to.” – ANDREA MEDITCH, Discovery Films

“What I like about it also is that it has multi-media components as well. It has the website and a lot of channels, my channel in particular like to do programming extensions on our website. Clearly there are tie-ins for that. It’s a universal story. It’s something everyone can identify with. Also and I have to say, I could totally see you on Oprah.” – CHRISTINE LUBRANA, IFC

“I think you need to come to LA and get an agent. You’re very package-able and this is actually a franchise. There’s many different builds. This is going to be your retirement account. This is a big money maker. I would not leave your website any time soon.” – CARA MERTES, Sundance Fund

“You have a lot to think about. It’s probably the most universal experience there is other than being born practically is being dumped. Who doesn’t want to watch this over and over again? We’ll stay in touch for sure.” – LIESL COPLAND, Netflix/Red Envelope

“It’s very universal, I think. There is such potential. Take all the possibilities you have and make them for all the different platforms and use the music.” – BERT JANSSEN, Humanist Broadcasting Foundation

“It’s universal. We love love stories which is what it’s all about – the human condition, irony, humor but what I like was the personal journey and making something positive out of something rather negative, and that losing love is an equalizer. It brings us all down to the same level. So it’s very attractive. It’s ironic and humorous and Al-Jazeera likes that kind of story. ” – FLORA GREGORY, Al-Jazeera

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