SYBD NC Journal & Daily Planner

So You've Been Dumped No Contact Journal and Daily Planner - book cover with lighthouse

SYBD NC Journal & Daily Planner: To Help You Move On Back in 2000, on So You've Been Dumped's forums, I believe we pretty much introduced the whole concept of "no contact" (also known as the "no contact rule" or simply NC) - as a way of getting over your ex. Now SYBD is almost …


Big and Little Things to Do After a Breakup

Bit and little things to do after a breakup - the world is in your hands

This is just a light-hearted list of suggestions of things to consider when recovering from a breakup. Some of this list of breakup advice will be one-offs but many are ongoing recommendations. The list should be equally useful to both men and women - at least that is my intention. It's kind of long so …